December 16th, www = World Wide Weather!

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Hello boys and girls!  Harvey and I were just working on the coordinates for the big trip on Christmas Eve.  Techno Elves ‘Joey’ and ‘Ricky’ have been helping us make some tweaks and updates on our GARMIN GPS …. or as we call it ‘Armin’ the Garmin’!!  HO! HO!  Then we were talking about the weather forecast for Christmas Eve and how it is so different all over the big wide world.

S&H with GARMIN Close up of GARMIN

The weather has been pretty consistent here at the North Pole – Snow during the night and cold… 30 below zero right now and its still snowing!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from you boys and girls about the weather – and if we must have snow for the Sleigh and Reindeer to land!  Well, don’t worry – we have all kinds of weather that we travel to during the big trip on Christmas Eve…  and we have ways to land in any situation or weather condition.  We land in fields and pastures, rooftops, sandy deserts, mountain tops, dirt, rainstorms, mud, ice and snow!!  HO! HO!

You see the runners on our Sleigh are coated with a special layer of magic dust and then covered with a coat of special varnish that allows us to smoothly and quietly glide in for a landing on ANY type of surface.  That is ‘How we Glide’ here at the North Pole HO! HO! HO! HO!   And did you know that the Reindeer’s hair is hollow?  Yes, that makes them extra light for flying – and it helps to insulate and keep them warm too.  Harvey and I rely on our warm and heavy Arctic Red Coats to keep us nice and comfy on the trip.

But I was just wondering what the weather has been like in your hometowns? We always check the Weather Channel to keep us up-to-date on the latest weather and forecasts before we leave…. and the GARMIN helps us see what we’re flying into during the trip.

Send us an email and let us know what kind of weather you’re having so we can add that into our calculations and make the trip more efficient!  We need all the efficiency we can get too!  Delivering toys to the millions and millions and millions of good boys and girls all over the big wide world is no small task!

Well, its time for a book by the fire with Harvey and the Elves… we’d better cut this off!  Don’t forget to send us an email about the weather in your town…

Bye Bye!!!  only NINE more days till Christmas!!!  We can hardly wait!!

See you soon….