December 4th, Wrapping Disaster!

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Hello Boys and Girls!!  Well, well, WELL!  we had a little mishap in the Toyshoppe yesterday – in the wrapping department…

It seems that a certain someone .. Harvey .. got a little rambunctious with Miss Peanut in the Toy warehouse during a game of ‘Chase’.  It started like it usually does when Peanut wants to play.  She will start to growl and prance around Harvey… then Harvey will either chase her or run from her and the Chase is on!!!

This time they got to running like wild horses and knocked over a stack of board games the Elves had just finished. The boxes and pieces went everywhere and our head Warehouse Elf  Jimmy, told them to take their horseplay somewhere else!

Then they ran thru Reindeer Barn and startled the herd!  The Reindeer were all excited and jittery, so our Reindeer Barn Elf Zippy told them to go somewhere else because they were interfering with the Reindeer’s rest.

So they made their way back into the Toyshoppe and straight to Percy’s Bakery, knocking over a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies just coming out of the magic oven.  Percy was a little frustrated and told them to ‘skee-DADDLE’ or they wouldn’t get their treats later in the day.

Finally, they hit the wrapping department where all the Elves were busy wrapping toys large and small.  Harvey was chasing Peanut and just about to catch her when they hit the slick wood floor and THATs when it happened!!  They both went sliding headlong into the looong roll of wrapping paper on the conveyer belt and and then got tangled up in the scotch tape line and all the presents went tumbling into the pile of paper, tape, ribbons, bows and of course Harvey and Peanut.

When the dust settled, everyone was ok and we got a big laugh out of how they both looked.  But, unfortunately some of the larger presents may not be wrapped this year.  So if you get a present from Santa that IS or is NOT wrapped – don’t worry, it was just because of the Wrapping Paper Disaster of 2014 at the North Pole Toyshoppe!!!  HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!

So you see boys and girls, everyone makes mistakes!!  But its best to learn and laugh about it.

Keep being as good as you can!!

Till next time, bye bye – and Merry Christmas!!!