December 6th, Snowball Fight!!

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Its been a few days since I talked to you all but the truth is, Harvey and I have been ‘recovering’ from a good old fashioned snowball fight with all the Elves.  We both have a sore arm and are pretty tired from all that fort building and dodging snowballs tossed our way!

So….. I’ve been checking my list, at least twice – and catching up on my Holiday Movies.  Last night we watched ‘A Christmas Story’.  Luckily Ralfy didn’t shoot his eye out – again.  Then we watched ‘Toy Story’ – again… I just love Holiday movies!!  Percy even made us hot chocolate and fudge to snack on during the movies.

Tomorrow we’re putting together electronics – things like iPads, iPods, iPhones, laptops, tv’s and video games.  Our Elves have been working part time at Apple, Samsung, IBM, HP and Microsoft so they are very good at making and assembling all the fancy gadgets.  Then of course, Harvey and I will have to test them out to make sure they are PERFECT for delivery to all you good girls and boys all over the Big Wide World!!!

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See you soon!   Only 19 more days till Christmas!!