December 7th, the Nice List!

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Hello boys and girls…. well we’re in full swing here at the North Pole!  Elves are building toys, testing toys, preparing Reindeer for the big trip and even compiling the ‘Naughty & Nice’ list….  Which brings me to todays point… How to get on the NICE list.

Its really not that hard boys and girls.  If you just do what your heart tells you, everything will fall into place.  If you do something for someone else that YOU would like to have done for you – that is a great way to begin!

Everyone likes to be told how well they do this or that…. so when you see someone do something that is thoughtful and nice or maybe they are doing well in school – TELL them how nice you think they are and what a good job they’re doing!  It will make them feel good and YOU too!

You can also help a neighbor who has trouble with chores around their house.  Maybe raking leaves, shoveling snow or picking up their paper or mail.

Remember, its always better to Give than to Receive!  And giving to others makes you feel REALLY good!!  It doesn’t have to be a gift either… like we just said, doing a good deed is just as good, if not better!

Well, thats all for today boys and girls… I just heard Percival’s ‘Treat of the Day’ alarm!!!  Harv, the Elves and I are going to hurry to the magic oven and see what awaits!!

Till next time, do something to get on the NICE list!!!

Merry Christmas!!!  HO! HO! HO!!!!!!