Thanksgiving over – Its December 1st!!!

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Ohhhh My! boys and girls…….  I hope you had a ‘filling’, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!  Harvey and I sure did….   Mrs. Claus and all the Elves in Percivals’ bakery prepared a feast fit for a King!  And we ate till we couldn’t eat another bite!!

We had turkey, ham and roast beef – creamed corn, brown sugar carrots, green bean casserole, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, fresh bread, dinner rolls and of course a wonderful selection of pie!  There was pumpkin, pecan, cherry, apple, peach, chocolate cream, banana cream and even coconut pie.  Of course that was for Harvey and the Elves … I’m not a fan of coconut as you may know!  HO! HO! HO!!!

Well, after a feast like that we all took a nice looong nap while the football games were on the tv!!  That’s the best way to watch football you know!  Ho! HO!

Then we woke up and played cards and board games for a while.  Harvey always wins!!  Then it was time to cut down our Christmas tree for the season.  Harv and I went out into the snowy woods just south of the Toyshoppe and found a beautiful 12 foot tall  Spruce that is now standing in the middle of the Toyshoppe!   The Elves and I and Mrs. Claus were decorating the tree till the wee hours and then we finally went to bed.

So, you can see that we are all ready for the big Christmas Season here!!  Make sure to get your wish list in to me or Harvey…. send your emails to:  or to

That’s all for now boys and girls!!!  We’ll write again soon… be good!!!  Bye-bye – HO! HO! HO! … bye-bye…..