January 2nd, Happy New Year!

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Well, its another year on the calendar and we’re already making plans for Christmas 2015!!!  Yes, yes boys and girls – its a never ending job up here at the North Pole planning for the Christmas Season.  I hope you’ll all remember to work hard and stay on the ‘Nice’ list all thru the year…  There are lots of opportunities to do good deeds for someone else.  The snow is still in the weather forecast so maybe you could help a neighbor shovel their sidewalk the next time a big snow comes thru.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth and clean your room too.

I’m sure you’ll soon be headed back to school as well, so be sure to study hard and make your parents and teachers proud!!  I’ll be watching…..


Have a wonderful winter and I’ll talk to you again thru out the year – so stay tuned!


HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! Ho! ho! ho! ho – ho – ho – ho………….