Countdown: 2 Days

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‘Toy Story’ is our ‘Toy of the Day!’  But, lets get to it!!!  How many more days till Christmas???!!

Its just around the corner… only 2 more days and 1 more night till the BIG Night!!!


Countdown: 1 Day

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Santa & Harvey are arm’in the Garmin!!  Did you hear your name?

Santa is in the Toyshoppe with Harvey getting all the last minute details taken care of …. and they plot out their intended route on the globe to all the children of the world!!!

Percy has their ‘Treats of the Day’ waiting for them…. Santa Claus CUPCAKES!!

The Countdown is ……. ZERO!!  Its Christmas Eve and Santa, Harvey and all the toys are off on their worldwide trip!!  Go to bed and get ready for tomorrow morning!!!!

Santa’s Toyshoppe III

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Harvey is scared by the ‘stuffed’ Willie the Tiger and Santa has to soothe his fears…..

Santa & Harvey also discuss their favorite cookies and also food for the reindeer and then Harvey tells some Holiday jokes!!


Santa’s Toyshoppe II

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Join Santa & Harvey as they enjoy some good natured Shenanigans in the Toyshoppe!!

The history of how Santa got started is also discussed in this episode along with Percy’s ‘Treat of the Day’ from the Magic Oven!!

Santa’s Toyshoppe I

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Welcome to the North Pole!  This video introduces Santa, Harvey, Percy, Henry WaHOOWa (our mail train conductor) and all the gang as they prepare for the Christmas Season……   Learn about the Raving Red Ruby Apples that Rudolph loves!!!