Countdown: 23 Days

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‘How many more days until Christmas?’  Thats the most popular question of the season!!!

See the ‘Toy of the Day’ and help Santa & Harvey as they tell us how many more days and nights until Santa and Harvey and the toys we’ll shall leave – delivering joy on Christmas Eve!  Zooming and Circling the globe we will go… for a very Merry Christmas!!  HO, HO, HO, HO!!!!!

Countdown: 16 Days

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A special wooden toy is the ‘Toy of the Day’!!  Watch Santa & Harvey play with it and then ….. the Countdown to Christmas!!!!  Only 16 Days?!!  That means there is only 15 more NIGHTS…

Countdown: 5 Days

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We’re down to single digit days now!!!  Join Santa & Harvey with the ‘Rolling Monkey’ as the ‘Toy of the Day’!!!

Then…… join in the Countdown Chant!!  Only 5 more Days and 4 more NIGHTS till Santa & Harvey take off!!!


Countdown: 4 Days

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Today’s ‘Toy of the Day’ is a fun toy Laser Gun!!  Join Santa & Harvey – but always be safe!!!   Its getting harder to sleep at night because …. there is only 4 more Days and 3 more nights till you know what!!!!


Countdown: 3 Days

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The Slinky makes a comeback at the North Pole!!!  Watch Santa & Harvey play with the wild Spring!!!   And then of course….. the big question is answered.  Only 3 more days and only 2 more Nights till Christmas!!!!  Get your letters to Santa in quick!!!


Countdown: 2 Days

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‘Toy Story’ is our ‘Toy of the Day!’  But, lets get to it!!!  How many more days till Christmas???!!

Its just around the corner… only 2 more days and 1 more night till the BIG Night!!!


Countdown: 1 Day

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Santa & Harvey are arm’in the Garmin!!  Did you hear your name?

Santa is in the Toyshoppe with Harvey getting all the last minute details taken care of …. and they plot out their intended route on the globe to all the children of the world!!!

Percy has their ‘Treats of the Day’ waiting for them…. Santa Claus CUPCAKES!!

The Countdown is ……. ZERO!!  Its Christmas Eve and Santa, Harvey and all the toys are off on their worldwide trip!!  Go to bed and get ready for tomorrow morning!!!!