December 11th, Santa’s Magic…

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Well, well, well!!!  there’s only 2 weeks left till Christmas boys and girls!!  That means only 13 more nights till Santa and Harvey and the toys we’ll all leave!  Delivering Joy on Christmas Eve… Zooming and circling the globe we will go, for a very Merry Christmas! HO! HO! HO! HO!  Oh, yes indeedy do – just 14 more days and 13 more nights…. we are getting so excited, but still VERY BUSY here at the North Pole.  Building, wrapping and packing toys and of course answering emails and letters from the children all over the big wide world.

Which brings me to an often asked question…  “Santa, how do you get into all the houses at Christmas time?’  Well, the answer is simple.  Its because all the good boys and girls of the world are excellent brushers of their teeth!  HO! HO!

I know that may sound peculiar, but let me explain.  You see good boys and girls keep their teeth clean by brushing twice each and every day.  And eventually when they lose their teeth and put them under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy, she brings them to me here at the North Pole.  You see nice clean teeth from all the GOOD boys and girls around the world are the main ingredient of Magic Dust.  Then we add a little Christmas Spirit to the teeth and grind them up into a fine, fine MAGIC DUST!  When I arrive at your house I can sprinkle the dust over my head and ZIP-BAM-ZONK!! I instantly shrink down to a very, very small Santa…. then I can go down your chimney or find my way in thru a small crack in the window or door and then once inside I suddenly grow back into my normal size and deliver all your toys!  Then with another sprinkle, I shrink back down again and make my way back to the sleigh on the roof or out on the lawn!  Then in a FLASH, I’m gone again to the next house and it all starts over again!

So you see boys and girls, it is very important that you all brush your teeth and do good deeds to make sure the Tooth Fairy can keep delivering me the teeth of all the good boys and girls.  I sure can go thru a lot of Magic Dust on a Christmas Eve!! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Remember, only 13 more nights till Christmas morning!!!

See you next time….  Merry Christmas!!!!

Magic Dust