the Christmas Season is here!

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Well Hellllooo Boys and Girls!!  HO! HO! HO!  The month of December is getting away from me….. I can’t believe its December the 9th already!!  Only 15 more nights till Santa and Harvey and all the toys for the good girls and boys go ZOOOOOOMING around the Big Wide World on Christmas Eve!!   We’re so excited here at the North Pole and I’m sure you are too… but I wanted to make sure you either have or will soon have your Christmas letters and emails sent to me.


As you can imagine, the Mail Room is filling up with letters and Holiday Greetings from children all over the world.  Our laptops and iPads are also being hit pretty heavy with emails.  That seems to be the easiest and quickest way to get word to good ol’ Santa – and for me to get back to you.  So send your emails to and we’ll get back with you lickety split!!


The Elves were telling me just last night that they are getting a lot of requests for ‘Poke-Mon’ cards and toys, as well as American Girl dolls, hover boards, trampolines, iPads and computers, Legos, video games and the like – so don’t worry, I think we’ll have plenty of these items in stock IF you’ve been good.  So keep up the good work, OK?  Remember to try and do something extra ‘nice’ every day of the year..  It’ll make YOU feel good!


I think I just heard the ‘Treat of the Day’ alarm from Percy’s Magic Bakery, so we’d better scurry off the see what he has in store for us today.

You boys and girls be good and get your letters and emails in soon!!   Merry Christmas!!!!  Bye bye!!!!   HO! HO! HO!

Welcome Back to the Toyshoppe!

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Hello boys and girls!!  HO! HO! HO!  Well I just wanted to let you all know that it’s starting to get really wild here at the North Pole Toyshoppe – the Elves Jimmy, Jordy and Jessie are coming up with some new ways to make the toys that all of you boys and girls have been asking for.  Its called the 3D Toymaker!  You can see how it works on the first new Toyshoppe Episode of this season.  Wow! its something else to behold!!  We’re making toys so much better and faster now …. but we still make and test most all of our toys by hand with the special care and attention that only Santa’s elves can give.

I’ve been making some test runs with our new ‘Garmin-ized’ Sleigh too, and I’ve had a chance to make a few visits to North America this Season.  I was in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri last week checking up with some of you boys and girls, and I’m happy to say that our new Garmin GPS is working PERFECTLY!  We’ll be able to find everyone no matter where they might be!  Thanks Joey and Ricky!!!!!

‘Boregaurd’ or ‘Bo’ for short – is the MidWest United States Captain of the ‘Elves’.  So if you live in the MidWestern portion of the U.S. and have a little Elf that travels daily back and forth to the North Pole reporting on your behavior ‘Bo’ is the main Elf that all your ‘Elves’ report to.  AND, I’ve been getting glowing reports on how GOOD all of you have been!  Its so nice to hear about how well behaved and kind you boys and girls are…. that makes Santa very Happy!

Harvey and I have come up with a real good ‘basic list’ of things you can do to either get on the ‘Nice’ list – OR Stay there!!!

  1.  Always say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ – it shows you are appreciative of others and their kindness.     2.  Keep your room clean, brush your teeth and obey your Mom and Dad!  This shows you respect your home, yourself and your parents!    3.  Do something nice for your neighbor.  They may need their paper brought up to the porch, or their sidewalk swept or shoveled – or they might be hungry for some freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! (Everybody likes that – even me and Harv!!)  This is the perfect time to be nice and help someone you know or even someone you DON’T know!  You can drop some change into the Salvation Army Kettle, take some doughnuts to the local Fire Station, Police Station or even a retirement home.  And remember boys and girls, its so wonderful to be nice during the Holiday Season – but its even better when you can keep that up all through the Year!!!!

Well, I think I just heard the ‘Treat of the Day’ alarm!!  Yesterday we had Double Stacked Chocolate Chip Cookie Trees!!! YUMMM!!!  Today Percy (our head Baker) has promised some ‘special’ (I wonder what that means!) Santa cupcakes!!!  Chocolate, of course…

So till next time, be good and remember the Christmas Spirit says – its Better to Give than to receive!!  HO!  HO!!  HO!!!  HO!!!!…..  bye bye boys and girls!!!!

Double Stacke CChip Cookies 2Santa Cupcakes 2

Christmas Season in Full Swing @ North Pole!! Nov. 30th

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Oh my boys and girls!!  It has begun… the ‘shaping season!  My shape that is, HO! HO! HO!  After a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings (doubles on desert, wink!), Mrs. Claus and Percy have got me into ’rounder’ shape for the Christmas Season!!  We had a beautiful dinner with all our North Pole family last Thursday.  The Elves were so excited to get to the Thanksgiving table and enjoy their favorite thing – Candied YAMS!!  Ho! HO!   Yes, yes, yes… they gobbled up those by the plateful!  Then washed it all down with some hot cocoa before they started a big game of gin rummy by the fire.  Rudy and all the other reindeer had a ‘Double Batch’ feast of Raving Red Rudy Apples, oats, barley, carrots and radishes.  I do believe a good time was had by all!!  I sure hope you all had a good time as well, and took time to show your thanks for all the wonderful opportunities and people in your lives.  We sure did and now…… we can’t wait for our favorite time of the year… CHRISTMAS!

It won’t be long now before we hear the ‘Treat of the Day’ alarm and we’ll have to hurry off, but before that happens Harvey and I would like to tell you our Christmas Joke of the Day!

“Why wasn’t the turkey hungry at Christmas time?   Because he was ‘STUFFED’!!”   HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Its  beginning to look a lot like Christmas here for sure.  We’ve got the tree all decorated and trimmed with lights, ornaments and tinsel.  The Elves and Mrs. Claus and I were up til the wee hours finishing it… what do you think?

See you all soon!!  Check back and see what is going on here at the North Pole!!  Bye-bye … Bye-bye   HO! HO! HO! HO!……

Christmas Tree @ N.Pole


Ready for Thanksgiving!!

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Hello Boys and Girls!!  I hope you are all ready and excited for Thanksgiving (my 2nd favorite holiday!) … it will be here soon – and THEN Christmas Season will be in full swing!!!  Harvey and I, Mrs. Claus and all the Elves will be enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that Mrs. Claus and Percy are working on.  I believe this years menu consists of:  Roast turkey, honey glazed baked ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing, noodles and gravy, yams, cream corn, green bean casserole, fresh cranberries, cinnamon apple jam, rolls, home made bread, olives, carrots, radishes, pickles and celery.

Then for dessert we’ll have pumpkin pie (my Favorite!) pecan pie, chocolate pie, french silk pie, apple pie, peach cobbler, more pumpkin pie, more chocolate pie, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, chocolate cookies (with chocolate icing!), springerle cookies (have your mom or grandma tell you about THAT one!) and of course Ice Cream!!  Chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate fudge and vanilla!  Of course they’ll be gallons of hot chocolate and cocoa,  chocolate milk, Chocolate Soldier (ask dad or grandpa about that!) and hot coffee and tea to top things off!

Then we’ll clean up the kitchen and settle down to a big game of ‘Go Fish!’ or may gin rummey or bridge or pitch or dominoes or pictionary!!!  And after that we’ll turn on a football game – and take a nap!!  Harvey will probably take a ‘snap’.  Thats north pole lingo for a ‘short nap’ – a snap!  And it happens in just a snap too!  HO HO HO HO!!!!!

Then after our nap we’ll put up the Christmas tree and decorate it all up!  I’ll put up a picture of it when we’re all done!  Then of course Friday morning we’ll be up at the crack of… well – dark, its stays dark a loooong time this time of year at the north pole!  Ho HO!!  But we’ll be busy working on the toys for all you good girls and boys this Christmas Season!!

Make sure to get your letters in to: and let us know what you’d like for Christmas.  Also, let us know some of the ‘nice’ things you’ve done so far.  We always like to hear your thoughts!!!

I think I hear the ‘Treat of the Day’ alarm!!!  Percy has been making some wonderful things in the magic oven already this season….  gotta go!!   See you all next time…  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!



September 10, 2015 Finally FALL!!

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Hellllooo Boys and Girls!!  Its been a while since I wrote from here at the North Pole…  I hope you all had a fun and safe summer break from school and are either back in school for the new year or soon will be.  Its always fun to see all your friends and hear about their adventures, vacations and happenings since the end of last school year, right?  Well we’ve had a fun summer ourselves.  This summer Mrs. Claus and myself had an early ‘Fall’!  Yes, we visited Victoria Falls in South Africa and also Niagra Falls in New York and Canada!  It was so much fun seeing all that water falling so very, very far down….  I’m sure it was all snow at some time – but when it melts it can cause quite a waterfall!!  HO! HO!!!  Anyway, we had a wonderful time at both places and got to see a lot of you boys and girls along the way.  Of course you might not have recognized us as we look a little different during the summer, especially at the beach – we went there too!  Its always fun to visit warm weather places during the summer, because as you know its always so very cold here at the North Pole, no matter WHAT time of the year!!


Now that we’re back home at the Pole its time to begin our preparation for this Christmas Season!  There is so much to do boys and girls… We have to start getting the Reindeer into shape for the big trip.  They need to work on their strength and stamina to pull the Sleigh so many, many, many miles on Christmas Eve.  ‘Ol Rudolph is getting a little chubby from all the leftovers from Percival’s Magic Bakery.  He needs to start running and jumping to get into shape – AND the Raving Red Rudy Apples will start to come into season and he’ll eat those by the bushel!!  HO!!! HO!!!! HO!!!!!  That’s what keeps his red nose glowing so bright on Christmas Eve you know…. Yes indeedy-do!   And of course all the Elves will be coming up with brand new toy ideas for this year, and brushing up on the older ones that are still popular too.  Plus there’s the decorations, the new wrapping paper and ribbon, Percy will be busy making lots of wonderful treats for Harvey and me and all the Elves, and then there is the Naughty and Nice list!!!  Oh boys and girls, make sure you’re minding your parents and helping out wherever you can!  You can’t do too many good things when you’re on the Nice list – and we want you to STAY on that list too!!  HO!! HO!!! HO!!!!!


Well, I must be going, there’s lots of things for me to get done.  I have to read some new Christmas story books for the season, and I have a new Christmas Suit fitting with our North Pole Seamstress – you know she repairs and makes my Santa Suit that I wear during Christmas.  Sometimes she needs to let it out a little bit tho!  HO!! HO!!   I’m hoping this year won’t be too bad!

That’s all for now boys and girls!  Till next time ‘Be good’ and bye bye!!!  HO!! HO!!! HO!!!!    bye bye!!!!………..

March 25th – Spring yet?

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Hello again boys and girls!!!  Well, it might say ‘Spring’ on the calendar but we sure wouldn’t know it here at the North Pole!!  According to our snow pole in the center of town we had another 10 inches of snow last night!!  I’m sure many of you are enjoying nice warm weather but Spring has not ‘Sprung’ here quite yet!!  We have our annual Spring Snow Festival this week and all the Elves are waxing the runners on their sleds and sharpening their ice skates for the races and games coming up.  I’m sure we’ll see a change in the weather around mid April but not before.  So I hope you all have a safe and fun Spring season and get ready for Summer!!



February 3rd, North Pole activity

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Good morning boys and girls!!  HO, ho!  Its been a long January here at the North Pole…. we’ve been busy cleaning up, going over the ‘naughty & nice’ information, resting, doing our morning Yoga and exercises, building snowmen for our annual Winter Wonderland Festival (see the attached picture…), and of course eating healthy!!  Percy has me on my annual ‘New Year’s Diet’.  Actually I’m on TWO diets – I just don’t seem to get enough to eat on just ONE!  HO! HO! HO! HO!   But seriously boys and girls, Percy has me and all the Elves eating healthy this time of year… we tend to put on a few  ‘extra pounds’ during the Christmas Season what with all the cookies, fudge, hot chocolate, cake, pastries etc… that we eat.  So now we’re having oatmeal and fruit for breakfast then a nice healthy fresh salad for lunch and at supper time its usually fish and rice!!  We’ve got to get lean and mean for the off season activities that we all do.  Right now there’s snowball fights and ice hockey, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and sledding.  That is quite an exciting and fun workout too!!  I hope all you boys and girls are enjoying your winter weather, whatever it may be.  I know some of you in the warm climates can go to the beach and play outside in your shorts and t-shirts.  While some of you are all bundled up in your warm winter clothes just to go outside and bring in the mail!!  HO! HO!  There is all different kinds of weather, just like there are all different kinds of people all over the big wide world… maybe you’re learning about that in school too – I sure hope so.

Well my hot apple cider is just about empty and I’ve got to help supervise the construction of our snowball fort for the big snowball fight coming up next weekend.  Its usually me and Harvey and the Reindeer v.s. Mrs. Claus, Percy and the Elves.  It’ll be quite an event!!  HO! HO! HO! HO!

Till next time, be good – Santa is always watching…….

IceCastle_2009-83 International Harbin Ice and Snow Festival held in Harbin



January 2nd, Happy New Year!

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Well, its another year on the calendar and we’re already making plans for Christmas 2015!!!  Yes, yes boys and girls – its a never ending job up here at the North Pole planning for the Christmas Season.  I hope you’ll all remember to work hard and stay on the ‘Nice’ list all thru the year…  There are lots of opportunities to do good deeds for someone else.  The snow is still in the weather forecast so maybe you could help a neighbor shovel their sidewalk the next time a big snow comes thru.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth and clean your room too.

I’m sure you’ll soon be headed back to school as well, so be sure to study hard and make your parents and teachers proud!!  I’ll be watching…..


Have a wonderful winter and I’ll talk to you again thru out the year – so stay tuned!


HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! Ho! ho! ho! ho – ho – ho – ho………….


December 29th, Happy Holidays!

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Well, well boys and girls…. another Christmas has come and gone and now Harvey and me find ourselves looking forward to New Years!!  The Holiday Season is so much fun… and I’m sure you and your parents are still enjoying the ‘afterglow’ of Christmas, playing with new toys, gadgets, and gizmos.  There’ll be lots of parties to attend and of course all kinds of friends and family to see between now and the new year.

Happy New Year! 2

The Elves, Mrs. Santa and I are getting ready for New Years Eve by decorating around the North Pole.  We also have ‘Polar Bear Dip’ at midnight to bring in the new year.  We go out to the frozen lake and chip out a big 6 foot by 6 foot hole – and then at the stroke of midnight we will take a dip in the ice cold water and then rush back to the nice warm fire!  HO! HO! HO! HO!   However, this year I think I’ll just dip my toes in the water – its just a bit chilly for ‘ol Santa!!  Harvey and a good number of the Elves will carry on the tradition by jumping in and jumping out before they race off to the fire and hot chocolate too!!

Polar Bear Plunge

I know that’s a different tradition than you might have heard of, but we’ve been doing it for years and years and years and years and years……  so we like to keep it up!  HO! HO!  I know other families in North America will eat black-eyed peas and cornbread for ‘good luck’ on New Years Day.  Families in Thailand shoot off fireworks to frighten off bad luck…. in China they do the same thing.  In Italy, they ring their church bells… in Switzerland they beat drums, and in North America they sound sirens and party horns as they count down the clock to midnight. In Rome they give out gifts of gilded nuts or coins, Eggs are exchanged by Persians and in Scotland they exchange shortbread, silverware and coal for good luck.   Coal!!  I guess if you’re on the ‘Naughty’ list in Scotland – you can save the coal you get, to hand out on New Years!!  HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!

What kinds of family traditions do you have during New Years?  Send me a letter and let me know – I’d love to hear about what you and your family do, so send me an email if you have time.

I’d better get back to helping Mrs. Claus with our big bowl of Wassail for New Years Eve!!!

Bye bye!!!  HO! HO! HO!

December 24th, Off we go!!!

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OH my boys and girls!! its finally here!!  Christmas Eve is today and Harvey and I are off on our way around the Big Wide World delivering joy and happiness!!  Our GARMIN GPS is a buzzin’ and hummin’!!!

It was quite a night last – getting all the presents finished, wrapped, loaded and secured in the Sleigh for the big trip.  We had a few last minute requests from children all over the world and we’ll do our best to make their wishes come true.  If you have a last minute Christmas Wish make sure to talk to your mom and dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle about it.  ‘Ol Santa has a way of communicating with moms, grandmas and aunts via E.S.P (that is a mental magic connection we have).  However dads, grandpas and uncles can communicate to Santa via ESP-N!!!  HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!   Yes, we all share in the love of the ‘game’ and Santa can figure out last second wishes for boys and girls.  I just can’t make any last second field goals tho!!  HO! HO! HO!

We had a big day today on our trip – we made a few stops in the mid-west of the United States again to see some of our friends and their children at KTUL Channel 8.  Everyone was so nice and kind and very welcoming!  Santa had a marvelous time seeing the boys and girls and the bigger boys and girls too.  I’ll try to put a few pictures of our trip up on the blog in the next few days.  So stay tuned!!

I’d like to thank all of you for following me on this North Pole blog … and for being so good at this very special time of year.  You know boys and girls, Christmas is not about Santa and toys…. no, its a celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus.  Santa just represents the ‘Spirit of Giving’  and its much better to Give than to Receive…. so keep that in mind everyone and enjoy this wonderful Christmas season.

Happy Christmas to All!!  and to all  a  Good Night….

Santa against the Moon

See you soon…