December 21st, busy practicing!!

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Good morning boys and girls!!  Its was another busy day yesterday… we made a practice run to North America in the United States to make sure we had all of our GARMIN GPS coordinates correctly loaded for the big trip Christmas Eve.  Its only 4 days till Christmas and 3 nights before we go ZOOMING around the Big Wide World!!!  HO! HO! HO! HO! Practice makes perfect, so we have been making runs all over the world to make sure everything goes just right.  We were in Europe and Africa last week and we still have to make a run to Australia and New Zealand before the 24th…

We received a bunch of nice pictures from good boys and girls yesterday during our visits to Oklahoma…  Here are two.  One from Julian and one from his brother Vidar!  Beautiful!! Thank you both so much, we have them by the fireplace here at the North Pole Toyshoppe.

Julian's picVidar pic

I’d better get back to the assembly area – Harvey is making a LOT of clocks for some reason…. I think he’s up to something – the little Rascal!  HO! HO!

Keep being good and don’t forget the cookies and milk for ‘ol Santa!!!!!

Till tomorrow, bye bye!!  BYE BYE!!!!