December 22nd, Good Children!

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Good Morning everyone!!!  Mrs. Claus, Harvey and I just finished a big breakfast of Apple Cinnamon waffles with caramel syrup ,whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!!! Percy did a great job… it was delicious!!

Well,it was a long couple of days for ‘ol Santa and Harvey.  We made several trips to North America to check up on you all….. You know boys and girls, we talk about you all so much – and how you’re doing good deeds and helping others during this time of year… I thought maybe I’d show you a few of the children Santa has been lucky enough to see this year.

This is TJ.  We saw him when we visited Oklahoma in the United Sates a few days ago.  He wants a Mickey Mouse guitar, a Robot and a wheelbarrow.

Santa & TJ Christmas 2014

This is Cale and he was Santa’s BIG Helper during a recent visit to see some families in North America.  He wanted a World Series Championship for his favorite baseball team – the Kansas City Royals!!!  HO! HO! HO!

REV Santa & Cale

This is Harvey and ‘Rusty’ the dog.  Rusty has been a VERY Good dog this year!!  He kept all the squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, armadillos and pests away from Greg and Beth’s big farm house in Kansas – and his obedience skills are …..   Well, he’s still trying as hard as he can!!  HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Harvey has been visiting children in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska this Christmas Season.  We can cover more ground when we split up to see you children.

Harvey and Rusty

The Elves on the Shelf have just left to go back to their children’s homes after reporting to us here at the North Pole.  Good news from most all of them too!!!!  … there is one little boy in Oakville who had a little trouble staying on the nice list, but I’m sure his Elf ‘Boregaurd’ has him back on the good path today.  HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!    Don’t worry, those things happen but Santa understands if you have the true Christmas Spirit in your heart!!!

I’d better go check on Harvey again… I hear a lot of clocks ticking in his work cubicle.   Hmmmmmm what IS he up to?!!

Till next time, there are only 3 more days and 2 more nights till Santa and Harvey and the toys – we’ll all leave.  Delivering Joy on Christmas Eve!!  Zooming and Circling the globe we will go, for a very Merry Christmas!  HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Bye, bye   …… BYE BYE!!!!!