February 3rd, North Pole activity

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Good morning boys and girls!!  HO, ho!  Its been a long January here at the North Pole…. we’ve been busy cleaning up, going over the ‘naughty & nice’ information, resting, doing our morning Yoga and exercises, building snowmen for our annual Winter Wonderland Festival (see the attached picture…), and of course eating healthy!!  Percy has me on my annual ‘New Year’s Diet’.  Actually I’m on TWO diets – I just don’t seem to get enough to eat on just ONE!  HO! HO! HO! HO!   But seriously boys and girls, Percy has me and all the Elves eating healthy this time of year… we tend to put on a few  ‘extra pounds’ during the Christmas Season what with all the cookies, fudge, hot chocolate, cake, pastries etc… that we eat.  So now we’re having oatmeal and fruit for breakfast then a nice healthy fresh salad for lunch and at supper time its usually fish and rice!!  We’ve got to get lean and mean for the off season activities that we all do.  Right now there’s snowball fights and ice hockey, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and sledding.  That is quite an exciting and fun workout too!!  I hope all you boys and girls are enjoying your winter weather, whatever it may be.  I know some of you in the warm climates can go to the beach and play outside in your shorts and t-shirts.  While some of you are all bundled up in your warm winter clothes just to go outside and bring in the mail!!  HO! HO!  There is all different kinds of weather, just like there are all different kinds of people all over the big wide world… maybe you’re learning about that in school too – I sure hope so.

Well my hot apple cider is just about empty and I’ve got to help supervise the construction of our snowball fort for the big snowball fight coming up next weekend.  Its usually me and Harvey and the Reindeer v.s. Mrs. Claus, Percy and the Elves.  It’ll be quite an event!!  HO! HO! HO! HO!

Till next time, be good – Santa is always watching…….

IceCastle_2009-83 International Harbin Ice and Snow Festival held in Harbin