Welcome Back to the Toyshoppe!

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Hello boys and girls!!  HO! HO! HO!  Well I just wanted to let you all know that it’s starting to get really wild here at the North Pole Toyshoppe – the Elves Jimmy, Jordy and Jessie are coming up with some new ways to make the toys that all of you boys and girls have been asking for.  Its called the 3D Toymaker!  You can see how it works on the first new Toyshoppe Episode of this season.  Wow! its something else to behold!!  We’re making toys so much better and faster now …. but we still make and test most all of our toys by hand with the special care and attention that only Santa’s elves can give.

I’ve been making some test runs with our new ‘Garmin-ized’ Sleigh too, and I’ve had a chance to make a few visits to North America this Season.  I was in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri last week checking up with some of you boys and girls, and I’m happy to say that our new Garmin GPS is working PERFECTLY!  We’ll be able to find everyone no matter where they might be!  Thanks Joey and Ricky!!!!!

‘Boregaurd’ or ‘Bo’ for short – is the MidWest United States Captain of the ‘Elves’.  So if you live in the MidWestern portion of the U.S. and have a little Elf that travels daily back and forth to the North Pole reporting on your behavior ‘Bo’ is the main Elf that all your ‘Elves’ report to.  AND, I’ve been getting glowing reports on how GOOD all of you have been!  Its so nice to hear about how well behaved and kind you boys and girls are…. that makes Santa very Happy!

Harvey and I have come up with a real good ‘basic list’ of things you can do to either get on the ‘Nice’ list – OR Stay there!!!

  1.  Always say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ – it shows you are appreciative of others and their kindness.     2.  Keep your room clean, brush your teeth and obey your Mom and Dad!  This shows you respect your home, yourself and your parents!    3.  Do something nice for your neighbor.  They may need their paper brought up to the porch, or their sidewalk swept or shoveled – or they might be hungry for some freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! (Everybody likes that – even me and Harv!!)  This is the perfect time to be nice and help someone you know or even someone you DON’T know!  You can drop some change into the Salvation Army Kettle, take some doughnuts to the local Fire Station, Police Station or even a retirement home.  And remember boys and girls, its so wonderful to be nice during the Holiday Season – but its even better when you can keep that up all through the Year!!!!

Well, I think I just heard the ‘Treat of the Day’ alarm!!  Yesterday we had Double Stacked Chocolate Chip Cookie Trees!!! YUMMM!!!  Today Percy (our head Baker) has promised some ‘special’ (I wonder what that means!) Santa cupcakes!!!  Chocolate, of course…

So till next time, be good and remember the Christmas Spirit says – its Better to Give than to receive!!  HO!  HO!!  HO!!!  HO!!!!…..  bye bye boys and girls!!!!

Double Stacke CChip Cookies 2Santa Cupcakes 2